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The journey through life can be very difficult and trying.  We have to learn how to juggle so many things: responsibilities, money, jobs, family, friends, and in the meantime find time to ourselves.  This trek covers many miles but one that may lack until later in life is the appreciation of our health.  I was just like many people…I grew up with a family that didn’t teach right vs wrong ingredients.  I enjoyed the American diet: processed foods, overabundant portion sizes, and the most evil SUGAR. 

When I went to college, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, I told myself “I was NOT going to be a statistic and be part of the elite group – The Freshmen 15”.  I was correct I wasn’t part of the freshmen 15 - - - it was more like the freshmen 25 plus pounds!  Did I realize it at that time; no I thought I was perfectly fine.  I worked out occasionally, I had salads for meals (with LOTS of processed ranch dressing).  Oh, and don’t forget dessert…it’s free in the school cafeteria!

My junior year I was deeply involved in my major….Athletic Training.  At the beginning of August I had to report back to school to work 2-A-Day football practice.  Well let me tell you, I don’t know who worked harder in that Las Vegas heat, the football players or myself.  I was carrying water bottles and moving 10 gal water jugs in 100 plus degree heat.  Let me tell you that was the best thing for me at the time…I dropped SEVERAL pounds and was feeling so much better about life.

After college I moved back home to Wyoming and married my best friend, Jason.  I was employed at a physical therapy clinic where I was able to do what I loved, provide athletic training services to the local junior high and high schools.  This part in my life really starts my health journey.  During the lunch hour majority of employees worked out.  WHAT?!  You mean to tell me you are going to work out instead of eat at Taco Johns?  Don’t be crazy you people need to eat! 

Well, you guessed it, they rubbed off on me.  I began to work out during my lunch hour: spin class, pilates, yoga, & lifting weights.  I realized that I had more energy and was feeling better but I really wanted to lose that unwanted weight.  Jason and I decided to lose the weight together and between the two of us we lost a total of 60 pounds in less than 30 days!

Through that 30 days I was a student again.  I realized what foods were bad for me and what to eat more of; or maybe it just reinforced it better in my head.  I found that I can live without processed foods, large portion sizes, and SUGAR.  I began to turn away the bad and crave the good.

Due to the diet my husband and I changed our lives dramatically.  We became health and food conscious.  Our friends thought we were crazy (okay they still think we are crazy) but they soon realized that our health has improved.

Our health improves yearly – there is never a moment where you can stop learning what is good and what is bad.  Each day I am finding new ways that will increase my journey through a HEALTHY lifestyle.  Not only is my journey about my husband and me, but it is about you.  Let’s change your lifestyle.  Together WE can slash the processed foods, get rid of chemicals in our lives, walk away from that sugar, and LOVE our health.

Enjoy The Journey!


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