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Living in Wyoming is awesome---until you start talking about fresh food.  Yes, there is an abundant amount of fresh beef, pork, and eggs.  But what about something other than protein.  Don't get me wrong I am all about protein, if you don't believe me just go ahead and check out J Walker Land & Livestock and get your hands on our astonishing ranch raised beef! 


What I am talking about is the availibity of fresh produce.  I am not in an area where I can go to a farmers market all year long and find the fresh produce of the season.  Yes, we do have farmers market a few months out of the year and us Wyomingites go crazy getting our hands on all of the yummy goodness that the farmers/gardeners have grown for us.  I love that time of year-and I try to enjoy it all year long by canning the goods that I purchase.


When push comes to shove I like fresh.  So what do most people do?  They go to the grocery store and purchase "fresh" fruits and vegetables.  "Fresh" from the grocery store?  Not a chance!  Take a moment and think about the process of getting the produce to the stores.  It takes an average of 20 days to get bananas from the farm to your house.  In order to get them to the grocery store without being brown what do they have to do?  They pick them far to early, which is never a good thing because the bananas have not had time to mature to a ripe stage and gain the needed nutrients that we think they have inside. 


So, what is the solution?  How about freeze dried food.  I know what you are thinking-WHAT freeze dried, that is nasty.  Well let me tell you, you are in for a treat.  I eat the fruits and vegetables on a daily basis: cooking with them, putting them in my smoothies, or just eating them right out of the can!  Oh, and by the way kids go CRAZY over this stuff.  Would you rather have them grabbing a bag of chips after shool or a can of fruit or veggies?


Not only is the taste great but I am getting all the nutrients that my body is craving.  The produce is picked at ripe peakness and then freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients.  Besides being loaded full of much needed nutrients but you pick and choose what you want to recieve every month.  The company will box up your order and ship it right to your front door.  That's right....NO need to go grocery shopping!  WOOO HOOO!


Let me help you become a healthier person who has the capability to get fresh all year long!  Choose to be a better person today so tomorrow you can succeed.





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Freeze dried foods SAVE  - - - time - - -  money - - - hastle.  Try it out today!  Your family will thank you.


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